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The Healthy Populations Institute (HPI) is a multi-faculty research institute at Dalhousie University that aims to improve population health and health equity in Atlantic Canada and beyond by understanding and influencing the complex conditions that affect the health of communities.


We can achieve our population health goals by focusing on reducing health inequities.

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New and Noteworthy: 

42 snapshot reports providing socio-economic profile on communities throughout NS now available on cancer care website

July 2022

The Healthy Populations Institute (HPI) at Dalhousie has been supporting this initiative for over a year, working with a research team at the Cancer Care Program, led by Dr. Nathalie Saint-Jacques. The snapshots are the first knowledge products released from a study aiming to profile community-level cancer risk and how it relates to the social and material conditions in which people live.  The shift to knowledge translation efforts is the basis of HPI’s five year strategic plan. 


The information provided in these snapshots is key to informing the development of an effective, equitable and sustainable cancer prevention strategy. It will also inform the Cancer Care Program, the larger heath system including chronic disease partners, government and communities as we work together to improve the health of all Nova Scotians. More information is provided below.

Check out the snapshots here.


The first International Black Health Conference took place in from Halifax, Oct. 6-8 2022.

The conference was co-hosted by the Healthy Populations Institute in partnership with the McMaster University HOPE Chair in Peace and Health, Dr. Ingrid Waldron, the Health Association of African Canadians, and the Nova Scotia Decade for People of African Descent. The first of its kind, this conference  brought together an international audience of academics, health providers, decision makers and community members to discuss best practices for the improvement of the health outcomes of people of African descent in Canada and globally. Check out HPI Scholar Barb Hamilton-Hinch discuss the conference on Global News. 

HPI Launches New Report

April 2022







A new report on child and youth well-being in Nova Scotia, led by Dalhousie University’s Department of Pediatrics and the Healthy Populations Institute, is providing the first comprehensive snapshot of child and youth well-being in the province. The One Chance to Be a Child data profile represents the work of a multidisciplinary team of service providers, academics and community leaders across Nova Scotia, and is aligned with HPI’s flagship project “Designing Supportive Environments for Chronic Disease Prevention”. 


Using data from national and provincial surveys, the data profile is based upon the Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-being produced by UNICEF Canada, and uses a child rights lens that included the voices of young people in what matters to their health and well-being. The report has six key recommendations that address broad issues like racism, discrimination and poverty, with 12 specific actions, including investing in a system to collect and monitor key data about children, using child rights impact assessments when making key decisions and passing legislation to keep the issue of child poverty reduction on the agenda of future governments. 


Read the report here

Watch the whiteboard animation on the report here.


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