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Dr. Rainham is an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences in the Faculty of Science. In addition his affiliation with the Health Populations Institute as a Senior Research Scholar, he holds an endowed Chair in Sustainability and Environmental Health, is the Director of Dalhousie’s ESRI Centre of Excellence, and is an Associate Scientist with the Maritime SPOR Support Unit in the Faculty of Medicine. His research is focused at the nexus of population health science, environmental epidemiology and health geography, with a emphasis on people-environment interactions and health behaviours, the health benefits of nature contact in health promotion, and technological innovations in wearable data capture and spatial analytics.


MSc, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta

PhD, Population Health Science, University of Ottawa

Research Interests

  • Population Health Science

  • Planetary Health/One Health

  • Environmental Epidemiology

  • Health Geography

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Children’s Health

Notable Awards

Elizabeth May Chair in Sustainability and Environmental Health

Recruiting Graduate Students Interested In

  • Environmental health and epidemiology

  • Exposure assessment

  • Wearables as applied to physical activity, location, behaviour

  • Spatial analysis

  • Children’s health

  • Health benefits of contact with nature

Recent Publications

Scopus ID#: 6603287553

Orcid ID#: 0000-0002-3932-2942

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