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Dr Nathalie Saint-Jacques is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at Dalhousie University. In addition to her affiliation as a Research Associate Scholar with the Healthy Population Institute, Nathalie is also a Senior Epidemiologist at the Nova Scotia Health Authority Cancer Care Program. She is particularly interested in the development and applications of methods that account for real life complexities (i.e. biological, socio-economic, environmental, lifestyle and modifiable factors) that can influence health risk at varying scales—individuals, communities and populations. Primary cancer prevention is central to her platform of research which focuses on improving health quality and equity and informing the people about their exposure risks and health outcomes. Nathalie values interdisciplinary and collaborative research that enables decision makers to respond effectively to cancer-related community concerns, identify communities with excess risk and; be proactive in crafting relevant risk reduction programs tailored to reduce the cancer burden experienced by each community


MSc, Biology (Ecosystem Health), University of Toronto
PhD, Interdisciplinary Program (Epidemiology, Geospatial modeling), University of Dalhousie

Research Interests

  • Population Health

  • Cancer Epidemiology

  • Environmental Health

  • Health Equity

  • Health Geography

  • Small-area analyses

Notable Awards

Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships Doctoral Award 

Recent Publications

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Orcid ID#:  0000-0003-2532-6472

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Healthy Populations Institute (HPI)
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