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Dr. Shanon Phelan’s population health research interests are primarily related to health equity, inclusion, belonging, and loneliness for children, youth, and young people who experience disabilities and their families. Her program of research is informed by clinical experience working with children and families experiencing disability in schools and communities, and a trajectory of research in childhood disability. Within her program she has three main objectives: 1) to re-envision inclusion in the context of child culture and childhood disability; 2) to develop methodological expertise and innovative methods to engage child and youth voices in research; and 3) to contribute to theoretical advancements in childhood disability and inclusion. Dr. Phelan uses a disability justice approach and draws heavily on critical disability and feminist theories to illuminate inequities and injustices experienced by the disability community.

Research Topics:

  • Critical Disability Theory

  • Child/Youth Culture

  • Child and Family Experiences of Disability

  • Inclusion

  • Belonging

  • Loneliness

  • Play and Risk Discourses

  • Inclusive Education

  • Critical Disability and Rehabilitation

  • Critical Reflexivity and Ethics

  • Qualitative Research Methodologies and Methods





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Associate Professor, Dalhousie - School of Occupational Therapy

Program Coordinator, PhD Health

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