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The Healthy Populations Journal (HPJ)


The scope of the journal is guided by the HPI Competency Framework (Miller et al, 2019). We will allow any research relevant to population health and health equity as it relates to the following principles and competencies:

  • Guiding Principles: Capacity Enhancement; Cultural Safety; Critical Reflection; Community Empowerment & Engagement

  • Competencies: Communication; Leadership; Agents of Change; Knowledge & Knowledge Translation; Research, Policy & Practice; Programming & Evaluation


We strongly encourage population health and health equity research submissions that address:


Authors should identify which Sustainable Development Goal and/or Flagship Project theme their work mostly closely aligns with, recognizing that health intersects with other aspects of inequality, injustice, discrimination, marginalization, and exclusion.

We prioritize student research and diverse and intersectional forms of knowledge or expression (i.e. visual and graphic artwork, short stories, poetry, and multi-media expression such as audio-recordings), and approaches. We encourage submissions from a broad authorship including post-secondary students (undergraduate/graduate), independent and government (local/regional/national) scientists and policy makers, non-governmental organizations, and community members worldwide.


HPJ will release two editions of the journal per year. One edition each year will be dedicated to student led research and publications from the Crossroads Interdisciplinary Health Research Conference. The first ever HPJ publication will be Crossroads focused and is set to release in March 2021. 

For the detail overview of submission guidelines and to submit, please visit our Journal platform.

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