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Beginning in the fall of 2018, our strategic planning exercise enabled us to reflect on what we’ve been doing well and help determine the future direction of the organization. The Healthy Populations Institutes (HPI) 2020-2025 strategic plan – Towards 2025 and Beyond- is a roadmap for how HPI can continue to enhance its leadership in population health research. It marks the first strategic plan that is aligned with Impact Together, Dalhousie’s Research and Innovation Strategic Direction, 2018-2023.  This strategic plan also aligns and compliments the strategic priorities of the Faculty of Health, Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Medicine to ensure that we are collectively mobilizing our efforts for the greatest impact. It is a look forward to how HPI can leverage its strengths and capitalize opportunities to enhance its world-class population health research and service to the community on a local and global scale over next five years and beyond.

To ensure that our work continues to align to an evolving population health landscape in Atlantic Canada and beyond, this strategic plan will be reviewed on a yearly basis by HPI’s Joint Council. In parallel with the execution of the work set out in this strategic plan, HPI has developed a ‘scorecard’ as a performance management framework, establishing a data development strategy to support this work, and benchmarking and monitoring our key indicators of performance.

Read the full Strategic Plan here

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Strategic Plan.PNG
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